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By momosansovino

Twin Brothers!!! XXD
Kevin x David x Steven x Tucker

The new trailer of The Killing of a Sacred Deer is very inspirational! So here comes this sort of Lobster and We Need to Talk About Kevin AU. 【THERE ARE FOUR CHARACTERS INVOLVED! David from the Lobster, Steven from The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Kevin who needs no introduction, and also Ezra's other character Tucker from Royal Pains.】
A Surgeon named Steven met Tucker and his twin brother Kevin in the hotel. Surgeon and Tucker fell in love. They could have made it. But Kevin murdered his own brother out of jealousy. As a result of losing his love, the Surgeon was turned into a dog. A few years later, Steven's brother David went to the same hotel and again he met Kevin, who had survived all these years by killing loners. The attraction was fatal. As the past began to unfold, David began to realize that he and his brother were now in great danger...

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